Private Label co-packing

Since inception, Feature Foods has cultivated a business on providing world-class quality foods. Thanks to the expertise accumulated over the years of developing a diverse collection of formulations, our private label capabilities are well-suited to meet your commercialization goals.

Our in-house product development team will start with samples, made right here in our food science lab. Once we’ve created a recipe that you love, we’ll begin our batching procedure and bulk production process. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to quickly scale the production of your product. From initial recipe, to optimizing packaging design, to retail distribution, we work alongside you each step of the way.

Feature Foods Private Label Sauces and Horseradish

Sauces & Condiments

  • Horseradish (hot, beet, all-natural etc.)
  • Mustard (yellow, dijon, whole grain, etc.)
  • Cocktail & Seafood Sauce
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Beet products (e.g. relish)
  • Mayonnaise & Dressings
  • Marinades & Dips
  • Pickled Eggs


  • Wine (bits, fillets, whole, skin-on, etc.)
  • Cream sauce
  • Schmaltz (oil and pickled)
  • Rollmops
  • Matjes
  • Lunch
  • Old Country
  • Chopped & Pate
  • Dill, Ginger, Mustard
  • Herring Salads (beet, yogurt, dill, etc.)