Feature Foods

Storage and Handling

All Feature Foods products are manufactured using the freshest ingredients and without pasteurization. To insure the best possible product, we process and store everything we make at low temperatures and ship them via temperature controlled vehicles. When you bring our delicious products home, these temperature sensitive items must be refrigerated.

Feature Foods products carry and variety of expiration dates for un-opened items. For example, all Herring in Wine Marinade has an expiration date of 1 year from the time of manufacturing while our Herring Salads carry a date of 3 months. Please see individual containers to confirm the expiration dates on your favorite items.

We like to think that you will have only an empty jar left after you open any Feature Foods product but just in case, in general, it is best to consume products within a short time after opening. Herring is best stored covered in the sauce liquid in the jar. Following safe handling and storage procedures are always recommended.

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